Network briefs

Short takes from this week's network news

Short takes from this week's network news

Cisco releases IOS patches for SSH servers

Cisco has been forced to issue two security patches to block holes in its Internetwork Operating System (IOS). One of the flaws exposed IOS-based Cisco devices to a denial of service attack, and the other allowed intruders unauthorised access to a network. The denial of service vulnerability affects routers and other devices running Secure Shell (SSH) servers for remote management. The hole affects IOS-based devices running SSH version 2.

Netscaler offers fuel injection for all makes

This month Netscaler will release a free update to its network acceleration appliance with technology it said would allow companies to accelerate the performance of any web or non-web business application, regardless of the network protocol, client type or user’s location. Netscaler’s customers include Ford Motor Company.

AppSense and Microsoft protect network access

AppSense, a specialist in application management and optimisation, will support Microsoft’s Network Access Protection technology. Through Network Access Protection access to the network is denied or restricted if client devices are not fully patched. It offers a platform infrastructure that is designed to inspect, assess, ensure compliance to policy, and remediate, where necessary, endpoints attempting to access networked resources.

CheckPoint firewall/ VPN supports 802.11g

Check Point Software Technologies is shipping the first edition of a firewall/VPN appliance that features high-speed wireless access. VPN-1 Edge W will be available in four configurations based on the number of users supported. The product family integrates Check Point’s flagship VPN-1/Firewall-1 technology with a core wireless feature set that includes support for 802.11b/g and Super G, which can theoretically double the available wireless bandwidth, achieving up to 108mbps.

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