Pay-as-you-go vehicle routing

DPS launches new system for SMEs

A new service from DPS International promises to make the cost and resource savings benefits of computerised vehicle routing and scheduling available to small and medium-size enterprises for the first time.

DPS has launched Logixcentral, an intranet-based service that can be accessed on a pay-as-you-go basis by SMEs, no matter how small their business or vehicle fleet, yet which offers all the functionality of high-end, high-cost systems.

Logixcentral is built on an application service provider model, enabling SMEs to access the application’s functionality without the need to install an in-house system or invest in user licences. DPS is also in discussions with various trade federations representing small operators about taking Logixcentral onto their federation intranet, enabling them to offer a commercial service directly to their members.

Paul Palmer, chairman of DPS International, comments: “This way everyone benefits, but in particular the very small operator, for whom this sort of technology was always beyond their reach, will win. As far as we are aware we are the only company providing the full range of options for vehicle scheduling and routing. The choice we offer includes a range of applications for planning and scheduling, including mapping software for most major industrial countries. The solutions are also available in a corporate intranet version.”

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