BT readies 8 Mbps broadband trial

BT has announced that it will start trialling a "mega-fast" 8 Mbps broadband service this April

BT has announced that it will start trialling a "mega-fast" 8 Mbps broadband service this April.

The 12-week initial pilot will be followed up by a broader trial in the summer, with a launch to business customers timetabled for the end of 2005. This new broadband service follows the launch of BT’s super-fast 2 Mbps service launch last month, and is designed to service what BT describes as ‘the ever-growing demand for bigger and better content and applications.”

Gavin Patterson, MD Consumer and Group Marketing for BT Retail, said, “We are ensuring we are ahead of the game in developing broadband so we can be the first to deliver those new services to the marketplace.”

This announcement from BT Retail follows a recent release from BT Wholesale, stating that up to 2,000 businesses and consumers will test the capability of broadband lines operating between 2 Mbps and 8 Mbps within selected exchanges in the Strathclyde region of Scotland and in Greater London from April. Lines will be identified by BT Wholesale and its broadband service providers based on specific technical criteria - wider network and system developments are also planned for implementation over the next six months so that higher speed services can be launched across the country.

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