Make the Gigabit link

Linksys has aimed two new switches directly at the SME sector.

Linksys has aimed two new switches directly at the SME sector. 

The company said that both the 16-port SRW2016 and 24-port SRW2024 offer a 10/100/1000 Gigabit switch with simple network configurability and management capabilities, fast Gigabit network speed for the elimination of data bottlenecks, fibre expandability for long-range networking and cost-effective solution in migrating the network from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit.

WebView allows administrators to control their network remotely through a web browser for configuration and monitoring traffic. Both switches also come with fibber expansion options through the two mini GBIC ports, allowing administrators to add mini GBIC SFP transceivers for longer-range, high-throughput connections to the main network. 

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