Cisco toughens up adaptive defence

Cisco Systems has launched a set of new security products, software enhancements and services.

Cisco Systems has launched a set of new security products, software enhancements and services.

The new products are part of an evolution of Cisco’s self-defending network security strategy through what it calls adaptive threat defence – an architecture that increases security effectiveness via three major components: Anti-X defences, application security and network control/containment.

Version 5.0 of the Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) delivers in-line prevention services complemented by new network anti-virus, anti-spyware and worm mitigation features for improved threat defence across multiple appliances and switch-integrated modules.

The Cisco Anomaly Guard Module and Cisco Traffic Anomaly Detector Module are distributed denial of service behaviour-based mitigation solutions.

And Cisco Security Agent version 4.5 offers malware/spyware protection, enhanced security state or "posture" assessment, location-based policy enforcement, and internationalisation for enhanced endpoint security.

Application SSL VPN services claim to provide broadened access to virtually any application with advanced endpoint and malware protection.

Cisco PIX Security Appliance Software version 7.0 gives inspection and control over a broad range of HTTP, voice and IP-based applications, and Cisco PIX 7.0 also introduces a security-policy framework providing control over individual user-to-application flows.

Cisco IPS 5.0 and Cisco IOS release 12.3(14) deliver application inspection and control capabilities offering application security for port-80 control and misuse and VoIP environments.

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