BMC Software uses behavioural analytics to prevent false alarms -- and more news briefs

Short takes from this week's news

Short takes from this week's news

BMC software detects system false alarms

BMC Software has launched a self-learning version of its system management software. Patrol Analytics eliminates manual threshold administration by automatically generating dynamic thresholds for each server. Using a technique called behavioural analytics, BMC said its approach could prevent 99.5% of false alarms, allowing faster diagnosis and repair.

Research to boost handheld screen quality

Cambridge Display Technology is working with Ilford Imaging Switzerland on a project that promises to pave the way for more optically efficient displays for handheld computers. The two companies are working on new materials that, when integrated into a display device, help to transmit light that would otherwise be trapped and lost

Macromedia releases Coldfusion MX7

Macromedia has begun shipping Coldfusion MX7, its latest development tool for building internet applications. It offers printable web content, rich forms, more flexible deployment options and integrated structured business reporting. Coldfusion MX 7 also enables applications to communicate with mobile phones using SMS.

Brocade offers 4gbps Fibre Channel switch

Brocade and EMC are offering 4gbps Fibre Channel switching for storage area networks. The EMC Connectrix DS-4100B San is available in a base 16-port configuration that can be scaled with eight-port upgrade licences to 24 and 32 ports.

Phishers launch spoof Microsoft e-mails

Phishers are taking advantage of Microsoft's anti-piracy initiative by launching phishing e-mails in an attempt to obtain credit card numbers from Microsoft customers. Security firm Websense said it has received several reports of two versions of spoofed e-mails that are being used to install spyware/adware.

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