Rational unveils upgrade to next tools portfolio

IBM Rational gave developers a glimpse into the next major version of its tools portfolio, code-named Atlantic, as part of the...

IBM Rational has given developers a glimpse of the next major version of its tools portfolio, codenamed Atlantic, ahead of its release later this year.

Speaking at the Rational Software Development User Conference in Texas, Mike Devlin, general manager of Rational in the IBM software group, said the new capabilities will support Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.0 and JavaServer Faces (JSF), which provide components for the creation of interactive web pages.

The next major release of the IBM Software Development Platform will feature both IBM and Rational tools.

Lee Nackman, chief technology officer with Rational Software, provided a demonstration of the next software release, which will be integrated with Eclipse 3.0 open-source tools environment. IBM also said the Eclipse Hyades integrated test and monitoring environment would be featured in the Atlantic release.

Atlantic will also include service data objects, which enable developers to link applications to databases and provide real-time deployment to WebSphere. There will also be a new ClearCase client that will improve team-based development.

From the business, development, operations and deployment angles, IBM Rational is going to "bring it all together in a single process", Devlin said. "This will accelerate the development cycle."

Development tools for IBM Workplace will be part of IBM's software development platform and will include WebSphere Studio Device developer 5.7, which provides developers with the ability to extend applications from the desktop on to mobile devices and laptops. It will ship on 30 July.

Also included in the release are WebSphere API Toolkit, for integrating with IBM Workplace platform; Workplace Builder, a tool for business users; and Workplace Designer, an enterprise-level scripting tool that can be used for building stand alone business applications.

Allison Taylor writes for ITWorld Canada.com

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