SAS updates telco carrier application

SAS has announced latest capabilities to SAS Telecommunications Intelligence Solutions, the company’s set of prepackaged...

SAS has announced latest capabilities to SAS Telecommunications Intelligence Solutions, the company’s set of prepackaged applications tailored to meet the unique needs of carriers.
The suite now includes the ability to accurately identify customer, product, channel and tariff profitability.

This functionality is said to be based on SAS’s activity-based management technology and implementation experience with customers.

These capabilities aim to provide telcos with granular views of cost and profitability throughout the organisation, providing information that is essential to driving corporate revenue growth and profitability.

Telecommunications companies have historically allocated costs based on traditional accounting methods. This has resulted in the inaccurate attribution of costs to products, customers and channels.

By using an activity-based costing approach, carriers are now able to assign values to the actual drivers of these costs.

This strategy is designed to enable telecommunications companies to drill down to the necessary level of granularity for more effective decision-making.

“SAS’s implementation experience with carriers shows that 80% to 90% of profitability comes from 20% to 40% of customers,” said Jens Echtermeyer, director of industry intelligence solutions at SAS International.

“By embedding best practices from our several customer profitability-specific engagements directly into SAS Telecommunications Intelligence Solutions, SAS is helping carriers to accelerate revenue growth and profitability through dramatically improved decision-making.”

The products are used by many of the world’s carriers to drive their business intelligence efforts, the company adds. Customers range from Hutchinson 3G to MTS in Russia and Omnitel in Lithuania.

"The main reason to deploy the SAS Telecommunications Intelligence Solutions was to continuously enhance our customer profitability-driven marketing campaigns. We selected SAS due to its broad experience in telecommunication and Internet analytics,” said Hutchinson 3G chief executive officer, Berthold Thoma.

According to the company, in addition to helping to identify customer, product, channel and tariff profitability, the enhanced SAS Telecommunications Intelligence Solution includes the following capabilities:

  • Customisable telecommunications-specific analytic and reporting components for customer retention, payment risk, cross-sell/up-sell analysis, customer behaviour and segmentation, designed to speed implementation and increase ROI
  • Flexible and scalable telecommunications-specific data architecture that aims to support modular and more rapid implementations for both mobile and fixed line systems
  • Enterprise-wide business scorecard with telecommunications-specific key performance indicators which are designed to enable a more strategic single view of the enterprise.

Written by Computing SA staff

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