Lumigent unveils Entegra for Oracle

Lumigent to ship data auditing software for Oracle

Lumigent Technologies will release a version of its data auditing software for Oracle databases at the end of this month, which will provide for audit trails and protect data integrity.

The company’s Entegra for Oracle product follows last year's release of Entegra for Microsoft SQL Server. Lumigent said Entegra provides an audit trail for databases that can address regulatory compliance issues.

Data integrity is protected because database administrators can track all changes to the database, the company said. Human error can be tracked as well as malicious activity and unauthorised changes.

"There's an increasing amount of data stored in databases and that data is more accessible than ever,” said Linda Haight, director of marketing at Lumigent.

Through Entegra, organisations can ensure the integrity of financial data, detect and analyse breaches and validate policies and controls for protecting sensitive data, Lumigent said.

The upcoming release of Entegra for Oracle will work with the 8i and 9i versions of the data management platform on Solaris and Windows. Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX systems will be supported later in the year, as well as AIX and Linux.

Lumigent will release a version for IBM's DB2 next year and is considering a release for the MySQL database, Haight said.

Paul Krill writes for IDG News service

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