Siemens offers energy-saving contracts

Siemens hopes to help its customers cope with rising energy prices by introducing a special service aimed to cut costs, called...

Siemens hopes to help its customers cope with rising energy prices by introducing a special service aimed to cut costs, called Performance Contracting.

Siemens estimated that energy expenditure could be cut by up to €60bn (£33bn) a year if this state-of-the-art technology was introduced immediately.

A performance contracting project calls for specialists from Siemens Building Technologies (SBT) to work with customers to check the energy efficiency of all lighting units, electrical devices, machines, heating systems, and water and ventilation systems.

If the experts find that saving can be made, the customer can sign up to an energy-saving contract which can run for several years.

Siemens also noted that it would pay the difference if savings targets are not achieved, and the partners would split any savings exceeding the contract's target. The customer keeps all savings after the contract period has expired.

Siemens claimed pharmaceutical company Schering has cut energy costs in four buildings in Berlin by 23%, and railway company Deutsche Bahn has cut energy costs at Dresden's central station by 40%.

Written by Computing SA staff

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