Sun consolidates ID management products

Sun Microsystems has released details of a consolidated line of identity management products that combines its own technologies...

Sun Microsystems has released details of a consolidated line of identity management products that combines its own technologies with those obtained from its acquisition of Waveset Technologies.

The company also announced partnerships with Deloitte & Touche and PricewaterhouseCoopers to help deploy the products at customer locations.

Sun's identity management line, which consisted of eight products after the Waveset purchase in December, has been consolidated to three: an identity manager, an access manager and Directory Server Enterprise Edition.

The consolidated product line marks the "culmination of the Waveset acquisition" and is designed to reduce complexity and costs, said Kevin Cunningham, director of identity management products at Sun.

Sun's Identity Manager technology, for instance, combines Waveset's Lighthouse user provisioning technology with Sun's metadirectory capabilities. The integration will make it easier for companies to use identity information to provision access to multiple enterprise applications.

The latest products also provide broader support for standards. Sun's Access Manager, for instance, supports both Liberty Phase 2 and SAML 1.1 federation standards.

Sun's integration of Waveset technology and its success in retaining most of Waveset's employees bode well for the company's ambitions in the identity management market, said Earl Perkins, an analyst at Meta Group.

Sun also unveiled plans to broaden its services offerings beyond hardware support, to include support for the people and processes that interact with its systems.

Mike Harding, director of Sun Preventive Services, said data centre failures are the result of flawed processes or employee mistakes.

The preventive services offering, which now carries a single price for services that in many cases had been priced separately, is based on an assessment of the degree of risk of outages in a data centre.

Sun has developed a methodology to measure the risk. Once changes are made to improve operations based on a risk assessment using that methodology, pricing can fall as much as 20%, claime Harding.

The service will, initially, focus on Sun products but by next year will also support systems from other suppliers.

Jaikumar Vijayan writes for Computerworld

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