SAS9 now available on Intel Itanium 2 systems

SAS Institute and Intel have announced the immediate availability of SAS9 on Intel-based servers and clients.

SAS Institute and Intel have announced the immediate availability of SAS9 on Intel-based servers and clients.

Intel's joint effort with SAS expands on years of collaboration between the two companies, and aims to help users to expand business intelligence throughout the enterprise by using SAS9 running on Intel Itanium 2 processor-based servers and Intel Centrino mobile technology-based notebooks.
The two companies said they are working together to proliferate mobile solutions throughout the enterprise, so that users can get access to critical business information whenever, wherever, they need it.

SAS 9 on Intel architecture is designed to handle the realities of mobile computing in both a wired and unwired environment. This effort is part of Intel’s Mobilized Software Initiative, which aims to apply architectural concepts similar to offline-networked messaging to a broader range of applications.

The enhanced SAS9 solution with Itanium 2-based systems is designed to give organisations the computational power, massive data processing ability and scalability to compute more in less time. Customers will benefit greatly from the ease of use of SAS9 and the Intel Itanium 2 processor’s powerful memory and data throughput capabilities, the companies claimed.

"Intel and SAS are committed to delivering innovative mobile business intelligence solutions that are easy to deploy and provide a high return on investment," said Melissa Laird, general manager at the Solutions Enabling Division for Intel Corporation.

"SAS software running on Itanium 2-based systems can turn massive amounts of data into business intelligence more rapidly and effectively, giving customers a solution they can depend on."

"SAS9 delivers unprecedented performance and simplicity that gives more people access to the power of SAS analytics. With more users comes the need for more power, and that is where Intel’s Itanium 2 processor comes in," said Keith Collins, chief technology officer at SAS.

"Together, Intel and SAS enable businesses to run scalable applications that extract business information and apply it intelligently to improve operations, increase profitability, and keep costs down," he added.

Written by Computing SA staff

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