Avanquest sets sight on new markets

BVRP Software Group has rebranded subsidiaries around the world under the Avanquest name and appointed two new directors to...

BVRP Software Group has rebranded subsidiaries around the world under the Avanquest name and appointed two new directors to develop product services further which are offered in 21 countries.

BVRP launched Avanquest last year with a core group of software publishers which consisted of subsidiaries in the US, UK and France.

Since then it has added a Germany-based subsidiary and signed deals with affiliates that allow the group to offer product localisation, support, marketing, and distribution services in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

"BVRP decided to take its own experience with its own software titles and expand that globally," said Christina Seelye, president and chief executive officer of Avanquest USA. Before this announcement the company was known as Elibrium Software.

The Avanquest-branded companies and their affiliates provide expertise in local markets and build on relationships with distributors and retailers to offer a one-stop shop of publishing services for developers worldwide. In countries where Avanquest does not do business directly, it has developed relationships with local publishers.

"We offer the most cost-effective way to enter new markets," said Seelye, who was named as an Avanquest executive director, a title shared with Andy Goldstein, chief executive of Avanquest Germany, formerly MediaGold International.

Goldstein has responsibility for Avanquest business in Europe, Middle East and Africa, while Seelye is responsible for building Avanquest business in South America, North America and Asia.

The publishing network also includes Avanquest France, formerly Soft, and Avanquest UK, which merges companies formerly known as Kommunicate, Guildsoft, as well as MediaGold.

Since its inception last June, Avanquest has struck deals with established companies, such as Cyberlink, a maker of DVD editing tools, but has given an especially big boost to smaller players, according to Seelye.

"We feel we can make a big difference with smaller publishers, developers who have one or two products but may not have the capital or know how to expand in the retail channel or into foreign markets. A lot of guys have been successful on the internet but want to take it to the next level."

One of the next goals on Avanquest's agenda of expansion is to find a partner in South America. Alhough the company has found strong local players, it is hoping to find a partner with the ability to work in a wider geographical area, she said.

Marc Ferranti writes for IDG News Service

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