AOL sets up software centre in India

America Online has opened a software development centre in Bangalore.

America Online has opened a software development centre in Bangalore.

The AOL Bangalore development centre employs 12 people and will expand the staff to about 50 workers by the middle of the year, said company spokesman Jim Whitney.

The software development centre will help handle product development, maintenance and quality assurance.

AOL already has a customer support subsidiary in Bangalore, called America Online Member Services India.

The subsidiary employs about 1,600 staff and is increasing to 1,900 employees by July. The operation also offers content management and content development services for AOL. Part of  the work involves developing technologies in countering spam and parental control of internet access. The software development centre operates as a division of the subsidiary.

AOL is the latest among technology and internet companies to set up a software development centre in India.

Yahoo announced the appointments of two chief technology officers for its software development subsidiary in Bangalore, which develops technology and products for data mining, search, e-commerce, mail, social networking and core technology platforms.

In the wake of US protests against outsourcing, AOL and other US companies are typically hesitant to disclose hiring plans in India.

AOL cut 450 positions, primarily in software development to reduce costs, but that was unrelated to setting up the software development centre in Bangalore, Whitney said.

John Ribeiro writes for IDG News Service

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