Smartphones aren’t that smart, say users

Smartphones are declining in popularity among business users, claims mobile software specialist Intuwave.

Smartphones are declining in popularity among business users, claims mobile software specialist Intuwave.

According to an Intuwave survey, the phones, which combine rich data services with voice, are now used by a third fewer IT managers as a business tool compared with December 2002. This is despite a wider understanding of their capabilities.

The survey - conducted independently by Vanson Bourne - of 100 IT managers in January 2004 shows barriers to widespread business deployment still remain, and suggests that the mobile industry must demonstrate the true value of the devices to business.

Poor take-up among business is prevalent despite a “500% increase in the number of respondents able to demonstrate a broad understanding of device functionality”, said Intuwave.

Andrew Wyatt, Intuwave vice president of strategic marketing, said: “What the market needs now is a demonstration of the true business value of a smartphone, which can be achieved through the rollout of useful and reliable business applications. 

“As we move away from the early adopter market, the issue of being able to support smartphones and their applications becomes increasingly important, and business users will expect the same level of support they receive for their PC or laptop," added Wyatt.

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