Alcatel launches OmniTouch suite

Alcatel has launched OmniTouch Unified Communication, an open standards-based software suite to optimise business communication....

Alcatel has launched OmniTouch Unified Communication, an open standards-based software suite to optimise business communication. The software is based on the latest industry standards such as XML, Soap, Sip and VXML.

Alcatel also announced two new application phones, the Alcatel IP Touch 4068 and Alcatel IP Touch 4038, which include access to Bluetooth and web-based technologies.

The phones combine an integrated keyboard and a graphical display, simplifying access to applications and web content.

"Alcatel's new unified communications platform, combined with IP Touch application phones, provide internet-based tools that interact together to allow users to tailor, control and manage phone calls, messages, personal information and directories in ways never previously thought of," said Tom Wilburn, general manager of enterprise business at Alcatel.

"Our commitment to open standards and easy-to-use interfaces allows workers to access information and collaborate from any location and, using any device, boosting their productivity and saving businesses time and money."

The Alcatel OmniTouch Unified Communication suite includes the following three applications:

  • My Messaging, a VXML-based unified messaging application handling non-real-time communications with a single multimedia mailbox for voice mail, e-mail and faxes. It enables remote access to e-mail via phone with text-to-speech capabilities and an ability to print or broadcast e-mail and faxes by voice commands.
  • My Phone, an XML/Soap-based real-time communications management tool that transforms any phone into a business phone when on the go, complete with full telephony features such as conference calling, unified directory access and call logging.
  • My Assistant, a web and VXML-based call routing and permissions application that defines when, where and by whom to be contacted and diverts non-urgent calls to voice mail.

Linda Rosencrance writes for Computerworld

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