Sun readies Java development initiative

Sun Microsystems is to boost Java tools standards development and interaction.

Sun Microsystems is  to boost Java tools standards development and interaction.

A Sun representative said the effort would not compete with the IBM-led Eclipse initiative.

IDC analyst Rikki Kirzner said that she expected Sun to provide details on an effort to boost interoperability between interactive development environments based on Java, in the wake of Sun's decision not to participate in Eclipse.

"The high-level purpose of this is to try to eliminate the fragmentation in the Java tools market so that people can get their tools to interoperate better," Kirzner said, adding that it has been difficult to move from one Java IDE to another.

"Eclipse did solve the problem, but Sun never joined it," she said.

Success of the effort will depend on which companies are participating, Kirzner added.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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