Expand Networks unveils Wan management system

Expand Networks have announced a traffic management system for its Accelerator Wide Area Network bandwidth optimisation tool.

Expand Networks have announced a traffic management system for its Accelerator Wide Area Network bandwidth optimisation tool.

ExpandView will be available in January, with pricing starting at $5,000 for a single-central-processor system.

Accelerator devices, which began shipping more than three years ago, both compress data and cache some of it on routers in a Wan, using a pointer to the cached data.

Expand has shipped more than 16,000 Accelerator devices to 700 end users, meaning some users already have hundreds of the devices installed, according to officials. The principal benefit is that users have less need to pay for additional bandwidth.

As a result of the growth of Accelerator devices, the ExpandView management system tool was developed to provide a single interface to show how all Accelerator devices are operating, said Pedro Colcao, vice-president of marketing at Expand.

With the management system and multiple accelerators in place, companies can classify and prioritise hundreds of enterprise applications, giving preference to those deemed most critical.

Exhibit Dynamics has five Accelerator devices in a nationwide Wan and will be adding ExpandView in the next three months to manage them more easily, said Jim Kinter, director of IT for the trade show exhibitor services company.

"It's a maintenance and management nightmare to pull all the reports together to try to be proactive," he said. Any network configuration changes we'd roll out throughout the network would be devastating and a long-term process without ExpandView.

Using Accelerator devices, Exhibit Dynamics has seen a 300% to 400% average increase in bandwidth performance. Using the ExpandView management tool, the company hopes to add voice-over-IP technology so that voice traffic will get top priority over other data to avoid latency problems, Kinter said.

Previously, management information about Accelerator devices was contained in the Accelerator boxes themselves. It will now ship on separate server hardware, said Donald Czubek, an analyst at Gen2 Ventures, a market research firm in San Jose.

Expand has about 80% of the market for so-called Wan optimisation products, with the remaining share of the market divided up among companies such as Peribit Networks and Packeteer.

Matt Hamblen writes for Computerworld

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