Eclipsys claims strategy to fix SunriseXA is working

Eclipsys Technologies has confirmed that its strategy to fix a flaw in the workflow engine for its SunriseXA clinical information...

Eclipsys Technologies has confirmed that its strategy to fix a flaw in the workflow engine for its SunriseXA clinical information system is working. The move has helped Eclipsys boost its share price by 27%.

In October, Eclipsys said that the SunriseXA workflow engine had been linked to slow response times in processing orders and other complex tasks, and at the time announced that it would begin the process of installing an older engine. That announcement shaved off 39% of the company's value in a single day.

Alhough analysts hailed the admission as a step in the right direction, they warned that it did little more than reiterate Eclipsys' approach to fixing the response time issue.

"The company has achieved the first step in putting its XA workflow problems behind them," said David Francis, an analyst at Jefferies and Company, which has a "hold" recommendation on Eclipsys and says that it still has work to do.

Eclipsys said that it had tested the software, using its older Clinical Manager workflow engine with its SunriseXA database, and found a greater than 30% performance gain over systems using the entire Clinical Manager project which, Eclipsys said, validated its approach to the problem.

The company also updated its timetable for future releases of the software, noting that a version 3.3 of SunriseXA was upcoming, with a more extensive release - version 3.5 - coming next summer.

Brian Reid writes for IDG News Service

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