BMC boosts tools for business management

BMC Software has announced the latest version of its key IT management tool plus partnerships with five hardware, software and...

BMC Software last week announced the latest version of its key IT management tool plus partnerships with five hardware, software and consulting services companies as part of its Business Service Management (BSM) strategy.

The Service Impact Manager 2.0 software offers an improved web-based interface to help users search systems for the causes of trouble alerts, said product manager Mary Smars.

Service Impact Manager tracks how system problems affect business services and is one of the three components of the BSM approach, which is designed to give IT managers a full set of tools for linking computing resources to business priorities and controlling networks from the device level up to the application layer.

BMC chief executive officer Bob Beauchamp cited an example of a European customer who complained that his company needed 50 different management tools to operate its systems. Beauchamp claimed that adopting a BSM approach could help eliminate some tools.

BMC has also signed BSM-related partnering deals with Accenture, Dell, EMC, Siebel Systems and Symantec.

Jean-Pierre Garbani, an analyst at Forrester Research, said BMC "perhaps" has a slight edge over HP, Computer Associates International and IBM's Tivoli Software unit because of its comprehensive strategy, although he warned that "it might not be an edge for long".

HP last week unveiled a program called Business Service Management Lighthouse Customer, through which select users will gain early access to products and, potentially, help HP develop tools for modelling business systems.

Matt Hamblen writes for Computerworld

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