AOL boosts spam filtering efforts

More America Online subscribers are getting the ability to tailor and tighten the internet service provider's spam filter.

More America Online subscribers will be able to cutomise internet service provider's spam filter.

AOL blocks spam to all subscribers at the server level, but it also offers some subscribers the ability to further refine the filter.

Up to now, this ability to customise spam filtering was only available to users of the latest AOL software, AOL 9.0 Optimised.

AOL has extended this feature to AOL 8.0 Plus users, and that it will provide it in coming months to users of AOL 8.0, AOL 7.0, AOL 6.0 and AOL for Mac OS X.

To customise the spam filter, users need to type the keyword "spam controls" in the AOL software. That takes them to an interface with options for further blocking e-mail messages from reaching their inboxes.

For example, a user can opt to only receive e-mail from senders listed in his address book or block messages that contain certain words.

AOL acknowledges that spam is a problem that it will have to continue addressing, because spammers are constantly trying to find ways to circumvent e-mail filters

Juan Carlos Perez writes for IDG News Service

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