Lindows rolls out low-cost, flat monitor PC

Linux-based software provider has rolled out a $449 (£280) flat-panel monitor PC.

Linux-based software provider has rolled out a $449 (£280) flat-panel monitor PC.

The PC adds to the family of low-cost computers recently launched by the company, which has been embroiled in a trademark infringement suit from Microsoft for the past two years over the similarity of the Lindows and Windows names.

Dubbed "KooBox", the PC comes with a 14.1in LCD flat-panel monitor, a CD player, network card, modem, keyboard, speakers, mouse, Lindow's OS 4.0  and Lindows suite of office software.

The software is compatible with Microsoft Office file types. Buyers of the PC will also be able to access and download more than 1,500 applications from the company's Click-N-Run Warehouse.

The computer comes with a Duron 1.2 GHz processor from Advanced Micro Devices, a 20Gbyte hard drive and 256Mbytes of SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM). If this is not powerful of enough for some users, Lindows is also offering a deluxe version of the computer with an upgraded processor, a 60Gbyte hard drive, 512Mbytes of SDRAM, DVD and CD-RW drives and a 3D graphics card for $699 (£434).

The PC comes with a 90-day warranty and three-month trials of virus scan and web filtering software.

Scarlett Pruitt writes for IDG News Service

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