German govt publishes open-source guidelines

The German government has released a set of support guidelines to help German government agencies migrate their computer systems...

The German government has released a set of support guidelines to help German government agencies migrate their computer systems to open-source software.

The "Migration guidelines for basis software components" was presented by Germany's Federal Ministry of the Interior at the LinuxTag exhibition and conference. 

The ministry announced its intention to publish software deployment guidelines for the public sector in June, after signing a widely publicised deal last year with IBM to receive discounted computers running pre-installed Linux software.

The guidelines will help IT managers in the public sector decide whether to continue with their exisiting commercial software licensing agreements and use both commercial and open-source software, or whether to abandon their commercial licensing agreements altogether and migrate fully to open-source products.

The guidelines, based on several open-source pilot projects, present various steps and measures that ministry IT experts view as essential for open-source software to be deployed successfully in the public sector.

The guidelines can be found on the website:

John Blau writes for IDG News Service

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