Novell adds JVM compliancy to Extend platform

Novell's Extend Application Server 5 - a platform which provides users with the means to develop J2EE web services applications...

Novell's Extend Application Server 5 - a platform which provides users with the means to develop J2EE web services applications and deploy them - now supports Java Virtual Machine (JVM) 1.4, and is shipping for Linux users.

"JVM is basically a programmatic service that allows you to run Java applications from a remote server," explained Ross Chevalier, a director of technology at Novell.

This means that unlike client-server style computing, by employing JVM, users don’t have to install all the Java services on their workstations and take on all the support costs associated with it.

"JVM allows you to run applications across a distance, such as across the internet. When combined with portal solutions, such as Extend Director, it can now create very powerful, highly scalable environments that have no client-side requirements, which means people can use those applications and run those services, regardless of where they’re located or what type of device they’re using," Chevalier said.

Extend Director is another member of the Extend Product Suite to which the Application Server belongs, along with its sibling, the Extend Composer.

Director is an interaction and portal server that allows users to deliver and maintain web applications, while Composer is a platform that allows users to develop web services applications using both extensible markup language (XML) and J2EE.

The fifth versions of these products are undergoing beta testing and will be available later this year. Once available, the entire v5 of the Extend Product Suite will be put to market.

Other enhancements to the Application Server include increases in overall throughput and scalability.

Right now, only users running the Extend Application Server on Linux can now upgrade to v5. However, support is upcoming for Sun Microsystems' Solaris, Hewlett-Packard’s UX, and Microsoft’s Windows platforms. Support is provided for all of these platforms in the current version of Extend Application Server.

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