EMC offers online ControlCentre management

Marking its entry into online access and subscription-based management software, EMC has announced two additional features to its...

Marking its entry into online access and subscription-based management software, EMC has announced two additional features to its ControlCentre management software line.

The two new applications supporting the online strategy, AutoAdvice and Storage Area Network (San) Architect, extend ControlCentre’s management capabilities up to the server and application layer, said Pat Cassidy, director of open software at EMC.

Both services can be used with the ControlCentre application or as standalone solutions.

Web-based San Architect allows IT administrators and storage designers to complete end-to-end San design, modelling and validation of their topologies, including applications, hosts, host bus adapters, switches and storage systems.

Customers input their requirements into the online service and are provided with recommended configurations to make to their San.

The fact that the online San design tool is template-driven enables customers to follow in a logical fashion from the application, to the server, to the storage, into the switch and then through the output, Cassidy said.

He added that the tool will be helpful for enterprise customers, who experience a lot of change within the San environment. It also reduces time that people put into modelling those changes.

As an example, based on research conducted by EMC, Cassidy said a San architect could save as much as 20 hours of work by using the online component.

The AutoAdvice service is designed to provide automated performance monitoring for applications, servers and databases as well as providing expert advice on root cause analysis and what to do about the uncovered problems, Cassidy said.

The service collects the metrics, analyses the customer data about current and historical application and infrastructure performance, and produces a daily performance report with advice.

"The expert advice that it delivers on the root cause analysis allows customers to more easily spot emerging trends before the trigger alerts," he said. "They will know they are running out of space before they actually have to scramble to then use an active management tool to assign new storage."

System metrics are automatically collected for Microsoft Windows, Unix and Linux servers and operating systems; Oracle and Microsoft SQL server databases; and Exchange and SAP applications, EMC said.

AutoAdvice will cost $400 (£250) for a single CPU for a year. Entry-level pricing for San Architect is $2,400 (£1,490) for an annual subscription. Both services are now available.

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