Fujitsu Siemens bundles SuSE Linux

Companies purchasing a Primergy server can acquire Linux software supplied by SuSE Linux on a CPU (central processing unit)...

Companies purchasing a Primergy server can acquire Linux software supplied by SuSE Linux on a CPU (central processing unit) basis, Fujitsu Siemens announced yesterday.

The software, available as a yearly maintenance package, costs €279 (£173) per server and CPU and €179 for each additional processor. Discounts are available to enterprises wishing to purchase multiple servers with multiple processors as part of a project installation.

Fujitsu Siemens is not pre-installing Linux but its channel partners are free to do so.

The maintenance package includes updates, patches and fixes, as well as installation support, said Petra Heinrich, vice president of partner sales and services at SuSE. Customers can purchase standard and premium hotline support services.

SuSE's Enterprise Server V8 software costs €899, Heinrich said.

The software is available in English, German and several other "relevant" languages. Manuals, however, are available in English and German only.

The deal with SuSE is not  exclusive. "We are announcing the deal with SuSE today but we may also want to do something with Red Hat," a Fujitsu Siemens spokesman said.

Last week, Fujitsu and Red Hat announced an extensive partnership to collaborate in sales, marketing, support and engineering.

"We are talking with SuSE about a similar partnership," said Joseph Reger, chief technology officer at Fujitsu Siemens. "We can't announce a deal yet but such a partnership is clearly in our interest."

SuSE is a founding member of UnitedLinux, whose distribution strongholds include Europe, Japan and Latin America. "The group is key to us," Reger said, adding that "the fewer the Linux distributors, the better".

Linux has become "enterprise-ready" software that will occupy a solid place in the family of operating systems supported by Fujitsu Siemens, Reger said.

Fujitsu Siemens is selling the bundled hardware and software package directly and indirectly through its channel partners.

"We think this package is highly attractive for our channel partners," Reger said.

Fujitsu Siemens' Primergy servers are based on Intel's Xeon processor. The Primergy server family ranges from a mono-processor system to a 16-way system.

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