VeriSign updates domain name security product

VeriSign, a provider of digital trust services, has released enhancements to its Digital Brand Manager, a web-based domain name...

VeriSign, a provider of digital trust services, has released enhancements to its Digital Brand Manager, a web-based domain name management tool for the enterprise.

VeriSign’s digital trust services are intended to secure intranet, extranet, virtual private networks (VPNs) and e-commerce applications.

The Digital Brand Manager, a domain name management tool that is accessed through a secure internet connection, is one part of the company’s Digital Brand Management Services line. It allows organisations to give selected employees the ability to access names in multiple locations. Those employees could then set up primary user access and multiple secondary user configurations.

Some of the upgrades include: the ability to search and view domain names as a portfolio asset, including domain names managed by third-parties; improved portfolio searching, sorting and filtering capabilities; enhanced visibility into where domain names are in the registration process; and additional options for managing the registration profiles associated with any domain name.

The company also announced its Never Down Service, a solution which it said guarantees uptime for internet domain names. The Never Down Service ensures uptime by providing secondary Domain Name Service (DNS) resolution services through its servers, even if the customer’s DNS sever fails.

The service also offers companies protection for their domain names against fraudulent DNS changes and against the expiration of an outfit’s official domain name. Coupled together, "business functions are protected and that’s what these products are designed to do", said Christopher Parante, senior manager of corporate communications at VeriSign.

With the internet evolving, companies expect that security should also improve to protect domain names and user identifications.

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