Plumtree enhances web services offerings

Plumtree Software has unveiled upgrades to its software family - the Enterprise Web suite - which now provide a tool for the...

Plumtree Software has unveiled upgrades to its software family - the Enterprise Web suite - which now provide a tool for the development of web services applications, and offers enhanced security, management and search features.

Managed within a single environment, the Enterprise Web suite combines the latest versions of all of Plumtree's products - the Plumtree Corporate Portal 5.0, Plumtree Collaboration Server 3.0 and Plumtree Content Server 5.0 - it also features a product called the Plumtree Enterprise Web Development Kit (EDK).

The suite is designed for building applications from web services running on different platforms and allows software developers to write web services applications in Java or .net. The EDK automatically translates them into simple object access protocol (Soap).

As web services standards are established by the industry users can update EDK,so it reflects these changes, but still runs previously established programs.

The Corporate Portal 5.0 is the foundation for the suite, and was released in October 2000 to enhance integration of applications and increase security.

Corporate Portal 5.0 includes enhanced administration and security capabilities where applications can be managed or secured as separate entities. This means they can be managed in separate domains, each with a separate audience and a set of administrations. As well the components of the application can either be secured separately or as a whole.

New community services features allows web communities to build separate sites with their own or look-and-feel and layout and create communities within communities. 

The new personalisation engine is a scheme that controls which applications a user sees. It also controls their navigation between applications, the branding of the user’s start page and highlights topics relevant to that user in the Enterprise Web’s knowledge directory.

In addition, users can create application components without coding, thanks to the application templates provided for communities, portal pages and portlets.

Each of these applications can feature a different user interface or inherit the branding of the enterprise or business unit. These templates incorporate services from the Content Server and Collaboration Server.

The Collaboration Server is a virtual workspace that allows users to share documents and check in and check out those same documents. The content management server allows users to create forms so anyone can post information to the portal, and establishes workflows so the information can be approved before it is posted.

The Plumtree Corporate Portal 5.0 supports Microsoft’s Windows 2000, and Unix will follow, Soffer said. It is available in both Java and .Net versions and users also need either an Oracle database of Microsoft’s SQL Server.

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