Nearly 600 professionals offer to help charities

Matchmaker organisation brings IT professionals together with groups needing help

 Matchmaker organisation brings IT professionals together with groups needing help

Are you ready to use your IT expertise to help your community? Have you been turned off considering volunteering because you did not know how to be effective?

Well, now is the time to start thinking again. The IT4Communities campaign, launched in November 2002, has put backbone into the process of volunteering with its website to co-ordinate and advise on initiatives.

More than 580 IT professionals have signed up to the scheme and 200 charities and community groups have provided their requirements for IT project help.

There are currently more than 280 charitable opportunities throughout the UK, ranging from a deaf peoples' charity in the North needing help with database design and development, to a hospice in Liverpool looking for web development help, to a disabled children's charity wanting a little Excel training.

Several professional bodies are involved, including the suppliers group Intellect, British Computer Society, Business in the Community, Citizens Online, the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and Computer Weekly, to help co-ordinate initiatives.

Meet your match

IT4Communities is holding an IT matchmaker meeting on 8 May in central London to give registered volunteers the opportunity to meet 25-30 community groups which need IT help.

Whether you wish to contribute yourself, or know colleagues who do, or if you are an IT manager who wants to advise your staff how they can best contribute, we would like to help you channel your interest.

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