SuSE rolls out Linux desktop software

SuSE Linux's Version 8.2 of its software will feature the KDE 3.1 graphical interface, security enhancements, and the latest...

SuSE Linux's Version 8.2 of its software will feature the KDE 3.1 graphical interface, security enhancements, and the latest version of the desktop application suite.

Besides KDE 3.1, SuSE Linux hoped to attract users through other improvements including the Yet Another Setup Tool (YaST2), for easier installation and configuration by identifying hardware components, setting up user administration, and automatically configuring Internet access.

A new feature built into KDE 3.1, which SuSE desktop users now benefit from, is the "Desktop Sharing" function that permits the remote control and supervision of several network hosts that stretch across hardware environments. The KDE desktop security system, called Kiosk, is included and can be used to limit individual configuration changes, which serves to improve administrators' efficiency in overseeing multiple users.

"We look at [KDE] Version 3.1 as major release. [The Linux community has] done some major things to it such as rendering capabilities which has made it much faster,'' said Holger Dryoff, SuSE's general manager.

SuSE has added in Version 8.2 support for WinModems, one of the best-selling communications products. This support now allows Linux-based users to communicate with wireless networks.

Another feature of the new release is the KOrganizer application scheduler that allows desktop users to synchronise data with Microsoft's Exchange 2000 servers.

SuSE officials claimed that Version 8.2 would be the only shipping version of Linux to include MainActor, a higher-end video editing application from MainConcept. Also included are CD/DVD writing applications, sound mixing, editing features, and a built-in synthesiser. The company has also bundled in Kooka, a KDE-compatible scanning application and Kadmos, an OCR tool that allows users to scan both printed and handwritten documents into a word processor, a spokesman said.

SuSE has also bundled in its Firewall 2 product, a crypto file system for protecting data in the event of theft, and the GPG encryption of e-mail messages. It also has an integrated VPN module for encrypting and authenticating the exchange of data among a range of hosts and networks.

Included in 1.0.2 are several enhancements to its word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools applications along with new fax and phone capabilities. Fax messages can now be received by e-mail, and incoming calls can be received automatically by e-mail as sound files, a company spokesman said.

The release is centred around Version 2.4.20 of the Linux kernel, which SuSE has further optimised, and can support 1,200 different device drivers. The kernel also features the glibc 2.3.1 libraries and Version 4.3 of XFree86.

Version 8.2 will be available on 14 April, and can be downloaded at the SuSE website, as well as through authorised retail stores, which will sell it for $39.95 (£25).

The Profesional version of the product, which includes a user guide, administration guide and 90 days of installation support, will cost $79.95.

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