Reap web services benefits now, urges IBM

Web services is a maturing technology and IT shops need to recognize its benefits now, says IBM expert.

Web services is a maturing technology and IT shops need to recognise its benefits now, rather than holding off until ongoing standardisation efforts conclude, according to Bob Sutor, IBM's director of web services technology.

At the XML Web Services One conference in California, Sutor stressed that web services is no longer a brand new technology and that web services need to be brought into the "ecosystem".

"People say, 'We're going to wait until all the standards are done.'  Well, wait at your own peril," Sutor said. "Heterogeneity is part of the world. Web services is a key technology that can smooth that out," he added.

Standards efforts have moved beyond basic technologies such as Soap and into higher level areas such as business process integration with the proposed Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) specification, Sutor noted. Web services technologies are now showing up in products, he said.

Sutor emphasised web services integration benefits. "What I would say is that web services really [combine] the best of what we've seen with integration practices in the past," including technologies such as Corba, he said. But he added: " We're not trying to create the new Corba."

Afterwards, he explained that Corba was viewed as too monolithic of a technology.

Sutor hailed IBM as having the industry's broadest support for web services. He also noted IBM's formation of Web Services Industry Councils (WSIC). These councils, according to IBM's website, serve as a global community of IBM customers and business partners in key industries, chartered to accelerate time to business value of web services implementations.

WSIC members represent the following industries: financial services, manufacturing, distribution/retail, and the public sector, including government and health care.


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