Microsoft and Sun focus on mobile apps development

Microsoft and Sun will give mobile application developments a boost and get added support on the Bluetooth wireless platform, the...

Microsoft and Sun will give mobile application developments a boost and get added support on the Bluetooth wireless platform, the companies announced at the 3GSM World Congress 2003 in Cannes.

Orange will be the first mobile operator to distribute mobile applications through the Microsoft Mobile2Market programme. The company will use Handango's application management and provisioning platform (AMPP) to enable it to use the M2M application cataloguing system and provide Orange customers with access to Windows-powered smartphone applications as they become available.

The M2M programme will assist developers by bringing applications to the market by establishing a testing process for wireless applications for the Windows Powered Pocket PC and smartphone software platforms.

Microsoft anticipated that 500 M2M applications would be available by June and will include digital video, audio, and animation sequences, ring tones, screen savers and games and entertainment.

Orange said its M2M implementation would enable customers to upgrade their phones with applications over the air or via their PCs.

Teleca, a European consulting group, said it has worked with Texas Instruments to develop a Bluetooth Starter kit, an evaluation and development platform, to enable designers to add Bluetooth functionality to a variety of handheld products based on Texas Instruments' single-chip Bluetooth solution, the BRF6100. The chip integrates digital RF to reduce power consumption, size and cost.

Sun Microsystems is also looking to boost shipment of commercial applications that deploy Java on mobile devices and will ship a software test suite for equipment manufacturers and service providers in June.

The Java device test suite is intended to boost quality assurance and simplify testing while eliminating the need to write quality assurance tests manually, according to Sun. Multiple test suites can be executed simultaneously, to enable multiple test runs and distribute test execution over multiple devices.

The test suite will validate and verify quality of Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) implementations on devices. Tests will cover handsets that adhere to the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) specifications as well as to the soon-to-be-released standards of the JTWI interface, Sun said. The test suite, for example, will support the security model defined by MIDP 2.0.

Handsets can be tested against more than 5,000 test cases in functionality, stress, performance and security.

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