IBM Tivoli License Manager tracks software assets

IBM has unveiled IBM Tivoli License Manager, a version of a popular IBM Global Services (IGS) offering designed to help customers...

IBM has unveiled IBM Tivoli License Manager, a version of a popular IBM Global Services (IGS) offering designed to help customers remedy software licence tracking and compliance complexities.

Built on IBM WebSphere, the browser-based IBM Tivoli License Manager is a standalone product from the Tivoli systems management framework, featuring its own set of agents, automation and self-healing capabilities.

The tool, integrated with Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse, is designed to ensure that software used within an enterprise is paid for and renewed on a timely basis, said David Ertl, market manager at IBM Tivoli.

The product covers PC and Unix platforms and offers base level software inventory scanning across an environment.

Incorporating policy enforcement under its software asset management umbrella, IBM Tivoli License Manager provides metering and licence entitlement rights to set designated limits upon usage.

Ertl said IBM plans to broaden the range of IBM Tivoli License Manager to track usage metering and licences for software running on IBM zSeries and iSeries. That capability should help customers to manage service-level agreement contract negotiations by giving a PC-to-back-end view of software usage.

"We're talking to our customers and they think they're over-purchasing five to 15% in software they need just to maintain compliance," said Ertl.

In a tough economic climate, possessing up-to-date licence inventory and compliance knowledge as well as the ability to define users, machines or departments in terms of contract control is essential, according to Audrey Rasmussen, vice-president of Enterprise Management Associates.

"Licence management is becoming a priority because IT budgets are being scaled back and that's a potential savings area. If customers know they're not using software they can cut that cost," said Rasmussen.

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