SAP unveils two more xApps

SAP has unveiled two composite applications - called xApps - that are designed to create cross-functional business processes. One...

SAP has unveiled two composite applications - called xApps - that are designed to create cross-functional business processes. One supports plant productivity and the other supports product design process.

The xApp Visual Information for plants (xVIp) was developed by Canadian electric generation company TransAlta in conjunction with software vendor NRX using SAP technology to boost productivity and support plant decision-making processes, said SAP vice-president of marketing Peter Graf.

The xVIp is designed to unify disparate asset management applications, including product lifecycle management, financials, asset lifecycle management, and stand-alone databases where equipment maintenance and performance information data resides. The application uses this disparate plant operating data while adding new process capabilities, such as support for unexpected maintenance problems.

"The outcome is a solution that helps to minimise disruptions by aggregating information from a whole variety of systems," Graf said. "All of these systems are connected by a process that helps the people at TransAlta to really get support for unexpected maintenance problems."

The Product Definition xApp (SAP xPD) is designed to streamline the process of developing and designing products. It works across existing applications that support development from idea to implementation, collecting, and managing ideas and requirements from all involved business areas at each point in development to drive products to market faster.

SAP also announced that key partners Accenture, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Deloitte Consulting, and BearingPoint have continued to expand their commitment to develop and bring xApps to market using SAP technology.

Since June, Accenture has introduced four xApps that support real-time integration, collaboration and supply chain capabilities for the oil and gas industry, while Deloitte is creating xApps targeting the public sector, consumer business, and manufacturing.

SAP announced its first xApp, Resource and Program Management, in June, which will begin shipping next month.

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