Cape Clear readies Web services suite

Cape Clear Software will deliver the beta release of the upcoming version of its Web services development suite.

Cape Clear Software will deliver the beta release of the upcoming version of its Web services development suite.

The Cape Clear Suite, codenamed Generation 4 or G4, will be available for beta download next week with the final release due to launch at the end of November, said Annrai O'Toole, chief executive officer of Cape Clear.

The latest release focuses on management and security functionality that reflects the evolution of customers' needs around the deployment of Web services in the enterprise, according to O'Toole.

For example, initial user interest in Web services concerned application development, such as taking existing Java code and transforming it into a Web service. More recently, enterprises have been relied on Web services standards as a way to ease their integration problem.

Cape Clear Suite will have a comprehensive console interface from which users can monitor, manage, and secure Web services, said O'Toole. From that central point, users will be able to start up, shut down, load-balance and conduct "hot" deployments of Web services without taking down any other systems.

Users can also configure security parameters for Web services. Cape Clear Suite will support integration with LDAP and other directories to help control user access and authentication. From the console, users can also change public keys and digital certificate parameters for particular services.

"The end goal is to provide single sign-on for any Web service," said O'Toole.

Tie-ins to enterprise directories and messaging systems such as JMS and MQSeries are based on customer demand that Web services somehow help them exploit existing pieces of their IT infrastructure, O'Toole explained.

Cape Clear Suite will also feature performance, usability and other enhancements to the company's existing development and integration platforms, Cape Studio and Cape Connect.

Among them is Studio's expanded XML Schema support to include Swift, Acord, and other industry-specific schema standards. For its part, Connect will now be integrated with MQSeries for more robust messaging support.

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