BMC to launch Enterprise Performance Assurance range

BMC Software will next week introduce a new strategy and products aimed at helping customers measure IT performance by giving a...

BMC Software will next week introduce a new strategy and products aimed at helping customers measure IT performance by giving a clearer picture of shifting infrastructure, mainframe and IT resources collected across an enterprise.

Patrol Perceive, a new entry-level, Web-based tool that takes 20 minutes to install, will be released next week as the first of BMC's new Enterprise Performance Assurance line. The product features out-of-the-box clientless customisable Web views by domain, system, dates and metrics for collected performance details from servers and applications, according to David Wagner, BMP director of product management and development of enterprise performance assurance.

"The biggest thing driving our business right now is server consolidation," said Wagner. "Either [customers] are doing it or they're being ordered to investigate it. They have too much capacity and they need to lower costs."

Wagner said the new product supports Windows and Unix platforms and will be extended to other data sources in future releases. Patrol Perceive can export data to XML, Microsoft Excel, PDF, CSV and other printer-friendly formats.

Two other products will be available by the end of September: BMC's Mainview Performance Assurance v1.3 will push predictive analysis, modelling, and service-level agreement management for OS/390 and applications to include virtual machine partitions running on Linux on zSeries.

BMC will also launch Patrol for iSeries - Predict. The product aims to predict the impact of change, and thus reduce or prevent service problems from occurring, on iSeries responsiveness and AS/400 operations, Wagner said.

Curtailed IT spending is forcing customers to assess what is running their environment and try to squeeze out maximum efficiency to increase service level management, said Stephen Elliot, research director at Hurwitz Group.

"The criticality of IT infrastructure is only increasing and if you can't see what's going on, you definitely can't manage it. When you can't manage it, the chances of downtime are much higher," said Elliot. "People are realising 'let's figure out what we have and what we can get out of it'."

As network and application monitoring solutions becomes more commoditised, Elliot said that end-users are starting to focus their attention on areas tightly linked with business processes such as integration, services-on-demand, and storage management within a holistic view.

Pricing for Patrol Perceive starts at $20 (£13) for Windows and $49 (£32) for Unix desktops. Mainview Performance Assurance will start at $3,900 (£2,512) and Patrol for iSeries - Predict will be priced from $350 (£225) when it launches.

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