E.piphany to ship call centre software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software maker E.piphany will begin shipping Service 6.0, a call centre application that...

Customer relationship management (CRM) software maker E.piphany will begin shipping Service 6.0, a call centre application that combines sales and service capabilities and can be integrated into the company's CRM software suite.

"The launch of the call centre application will be a global one. By producing an application that combines sales and service, we are striving to bring intelligent interaction to the sales and service call centres," said Mike Hewison, sales manager for E.piphany UK.

Call centre employees using Service 6.0 will have instant access to such information as a customer's history, information on a variety of related products and "proposed next best actions" such as marketing recommendations, Hewison added.

The sales/service hybrid application is aimed at industries across the board but will be particularly suited for multichannel contact centres that communicate with customers in a variety of ways, such as through e-mail, landline telephone calls and wireless mobile communications.

The application is also suited for companies that sell a variety of products and services, such as the banking services and financial sector, Hewison said.

Though price will depend on the scope of functionality a customer chooses, E.piphany has priced the Service 6.0 combination sales and service call-centre application competitively, Hewison said.

Last March, the CRM software maker, which competes against such companies as Siebel Systems, began shipping its updated application software, the E.piphany E.6 system, that was tied to its interactive management system for customer-service representatives, E.piphany Dialogs.

"With E.piphany Dialogs, we are delivering smart CRM. Our strength is on the analytic side where as everyone else comes from the operational side and automating existing processes. What we are looking to do is make the agent more effective during the call with the customer, rather than making the call shorter," Hewison said.

The Service 6.0 suite of software is also based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) in an effort to bring openness, flexibility, security and scalability to the product, Hewison said.

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