Macromedia unites multiple media types

Software vendor Macromedia has announced the availability of Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX.

Software vendor Macromedia has announced the availability of Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX.

"It is a communications server that sits alongside an application server [and] enables people to build applications for adding multiple points of communication functionality to their existing Web content," said Chris Hock, Macromedia director of product marketing. Functionality such as live audio can be added without requiring tools such as custom players, Hock said.

The server integrates support for streaming media, real-time collaboration, and multiway video, audio, and text messaging. Developers can add communication and collaboration functions to Web sites and rich Internet applications, Macromedia said. For example, companies can offer features such as stock information, online learning, and sales communications information within a single Web site.

Use of the server at Aspect Communications, a developer of call centre software, has enabled the company to host online broadcasts without paying outside hosting fees.

"Since it is a program based on a server, we don't pay outside company fees for hosting on demand or hosting as a live event," said Ronald Biggs, a consultant at Aspect. "It becomes basically a one-time fixed fee."

In addition, the server automatically converts PowerPoint content to a Flash format, retaining all animation, Biggs said.

Content and applications for the server can be developed using Macromedia Flash MX for Macintosh or Windows. The server can be integrated with Java and Microsoft .net application servers and other Web infrastructure, according to Macromedia. On the client side, the communications server leverages Macromedia Flash Player 6 to receive and transmit video, audio, and data.

Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX, which runs on Windows, starts at $4,500 (£2,903) for the Professional Edition for a one-year subscription.

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