Symantec buys security software vendor

Security software vendor Symantec has announced its acquisition of Mountain Wave and said it planned to incorporate the company's...

Security software vendor Symantec has announced its acquisition of Mountain Wave and said it planned to incorporate the company's security management software into its product line.

Symantec paid $20m (£13.1m) in cash for privately held Mountain Wave, which has developed security management software used by enterprise customers to condense various security software products from third-party vendors into a single management tool.

Approximately 20 Mountain Wave employees will move over to Symantec in the acquisition but will continue to work at Mountain Wave's facilities.

With the acquisition, Symantec said it would gain a product called CyberWolf, which is designed to automate the detection of security incidents through real-time analysis of computer systems.

For example, if a company has separate software to provide firewall protection, anti-virus protection and content filtering, each of those types of software typically has its own management system that generates security alerts. CyberWolf is designed to condense alerts and security incidents being reported by each piece of software in a single interface, according to a statement by the companies.

One benefit of the CyberWolf product is that it can identify redundant alerts reported by security software products. For example, if a firewall reports 100 identical security incidents, CyberWolf was designed to identify the similarities and send a single report to a network manager.

Symantec has a broad portfolio of security products, and said CyberWolf would allow it to bridge the management pieces of each of those products, as well as products from third-party vendors.

Symantec has been developing products for consolidating the management of security systems. In February it released a hardware product called the Symantec Gateway Security appliance, which combines five of its security software products in a single security management tool.

Symantec will release version 2.1 of CyberWolf as early as September and later will incorporate the technology into its current product line, Haldeman said.

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