HP launches remote services with iPaq

Hewlett-Packard has targeted corporate users of its iPaq Pocket PC with two deals that enable the inclusion of corporate e-mail...

Hewlett-Packard has targeted corporate users of its iPaq Pocket PC with two deals that enable the inclusion of corporate e-mail and access to online storage as options.

HP will bundle Infowave's Symmetry Pro client software on the iPaq and on the desktop. Using Port 440 to gain access to Microsoft Exchange Server through the desktop, users will be able to access e-mail with attachments, contacts, and calendar, remotely. Calendar updates to shared meetings will also trigger alerts of a schedule change to all members of a designated workgroup.

Symmetry Pro, like other desktop redirector software, may cause some consternation among IT managers who do not want end-users to have unauthorised access to the network.

"Some will not like to see a desktop redirector, but we have server solutions with all the security an IT manager wants. Everybody wants the enterprise customer, and you have to start with something that individuals can try and buy," said Ron Jasper, vice-president of network operator solutions at InfoWave.

Although the focus is on e-mail and calendar, Infowave also has an upgrade path called the Wireless Business Engine to give users access to any Web-based application including CRM, corporate portals, and other client-server applications.

HP will offer the remote access as part of its Wireless Enterprise Framework strategy, which will target mobile services in some cases in direct competition with the wireless carriers who are rolling out similar services.

One industry analyst believes, however, that although third-party hosted offerings for PIM applications may be fine, it will not find corporate acceptance for more strategic applications.

The Symmetry Pro service will cost $19.95 (£6.82) and is available now.

HP also announced a deal with GoAmerica to use its Mobile Office Document Manager, which will allow iPaq users to upload and download frequently used files by accessing online storage.

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