N+I: Remote access players lock down networks

Customers unable to rely on virtual private networks (VPNs) to protect remote access to internal data, are simplifying products...

Customers unable to rely on virtual private networks (VPNs) to protect remote access to internal data, are simplifying products to augment existing security infrastructures.

At the NetWorld+Interop conference in Las Vegas, companies including Rainbow Technologies, Neoteris, InfoExpress and SonicWall unveiled new options to solve access complications, including multiple user passwords and policy enforcement.

Neoteris' new instant virtual extranet (IVE) software platform features RSA SecurID authentication support, LDAP enhancements, and it supports multiple authentication servers on a per-group basis for automated subgroup access, said Jason Matlof, Neoteris' director of marketing.

Neoteris customer Ron Sha, chief information officer of Borland Software, said the burden of implementing client-side software downloads on every laptop or wireless device worldwide to afford remote network Web-based access posed a serious dilemma.

"In the past you had various applications and log-ins for employee access," said Sha. "Now we can consolidate our entry point into applications, and I don't have to install VPN router and VPN infrastructure out there."

Eric Hemmindinger, an analyst at Aberdeen Group, said, "There's a segment of the population that finds passwords to be problematic because of support issues."

Hemmindinger noted that Rainbow, is vying to fill that gap through its NetSwift iGate appliance launch at N+I.

The appliance features an iKey token to be plugged into a USB port when an online access prompt occurs.

If the iKey is removed, the online session automatically collapses. All transported messages are encrypted and iGate can handle 10,000 concurrent sessions, claimed David Lynch, vice-president of marketing at Rainbow.

SonicWall unveiled Tele3 trusted zone (TZ), its integrated VPN/firewall appliance that isolates telecommuters' access from a home network through separate ports.

InfoExpress also introduced iCyberGateKeeper, a vendor-agnostic plug-in appliance that enforces security policies for remote desktops accessing a corporate network that consists of a server appliance, a remote agent and a policy manager.

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