Global Grid Forum teams up with P2P working group

The Global Grid Forum (GGF) bolstered its ranks by joining forces with the Peer-to-Peer Working Group (P2PWG).

The Global Grid Forum (GGF) bolstered its ranks by joining forces with the Peer-to-Peer Working Group (P2PWG).

By morphing the P2PWG's membership roster and intellectual property into the GGF, the Grid Forum acquires tools critical to the advancement of grid computing as an enterprise computing architecture, according to GGF representatives.

"Convergence of peer-to-peer and grid computing is a natural outcome of recent distributed systems thinking," said Colin Evans, the director of distributed systems for Intel Labs, in a statement.

"This merger gets a critical mass of industry support behind the key objectives of the P2PWG. Both organisations stand to benefit from this event with a view towards Web services evolution," he said.

Intel is a P2PWG member - and now a GGF member - along with a wide range of companies including Hewlett-Packard, Groove Networks, Fujitsu, and Hitachi.

Dr Andrew Chien, the chief technology officer of distributed computing technology company Entropia, is to take the reighns of the GGF's new peer-to-peer development activities.

Consuming the P2PWG represents the second organisational merger for the GGF in just as many weeks. Twelve days ago the GGF joined forces with New Productivity Initiative (NPI) and announced that the two organisations will pool their efforts to bring grid computing to the enterprise.

The NPI began two years ago to forge an open API specification for distributed resource management between mixed vendor devices, an effort key to making a distributed, heterogeneous grid computing environment work.

A well-established compute architecture in scientific circles, grid computing is a technology literally waiting for the appropriate messaging, load-balancing, and security standards to make it widely available to enterprise companies.

Consumer desktop PC applications will also benefit from the GGF/P2PWG marriage, according to Charlie Catlett, chairman of the GGF steering group.

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