Fujitsu Softek enters storagemanagement fray

After two years in development, Fujitsu Softek's Storage Manager 1.1.0 software has made its debut. It is one of the first...

After two years in development, Fujitsu Softek's Storage Manager 1.1.0 software has made its debut. It is one of the first storage software products to integrate today's most sought-after storage management functions in one automated management console.

Storage Manager takes four essential storage management technologies - data management, SRM (storage resource management), virtualisation, and storage network monitoring - and combines them under a single, intuitive management GUI, said Steven Murphy, the president and CEO of Fujitsu Softek, the storage software arm of Fujitsu.

The software also gives administrators the power to automate procedures within a storage network through the use of variable policies that could, for example, automatically allocate additional storage to an area of the network suddenly hit with an overflow of data. "Storage Manager acts, it doesn't just report," said Murphy.

Capable of working across both networked storage devices and mainframe storage, Storage Manager uses software agents to monitor file systems, perform specific tasks such as collecting data and manage files, creating virtual data pools, and generating a range of reports concerning the status of a network's storage capacity and devices. Policies to automate storage management can be created, tested and then activated with a system that then verifies that assigned storage management policies are being implemented correctly, according to Fujitsu Softek.

Fujitsu Softek will be able to pitch Storage Manager against some of the biggest storage software competitors in the business.

A spokesperson from rival Veritas said the company does not offer a standalone product that delivers integrated data management, SRM, virtualisation and storage network monitoring. However, it can deliver those features in the form of separate Veritas products that could be "tightly integrated at the core technology level".

With its CloudBreak storage operating system, TrueSAN Networks is the only other storage software company that offers storage management software to integrate and automate the four key storage functions into a single management utility.

Softek officials understand they have their work cut out for them in delivering the message that Fujitsu is a name to be associated with enterprise storage management software. Although Softek's Storage Manager has been on the drawing board for more than two years, the company itself launched less than a year ago.

However, industry observers expect Softek to make headway into the storage software market by both aggressive promotion and by leveraging Fujitsu's server install base as a nest for potential storage software customers.

Pricing for Softek's Storage Manager averages between $35,000 (£25,000) and $45,000 (£32,000) depending on network configuration.

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