PeopleSoft tool predicts customer behaviour

PeopleSoft is to announce the availability of its Customer Behaviour Modelling tool as part of an upgrade to its Enterprise...

PeopleSoft is to announce the availability of its Customer Behaviour Modelling tool as part of an upgrade to its Enterprise Performance Management suite.

As part of version 8.3 of the suite, the company's customer relationship management (CRM) analytics product will feature a tool called PeopleSoft 8 Customer Behaviour Modelling, which provides predictive insight into customer behaviour.

"What Customer Behaviour Modelling does is take [analysis] to the next level by taking historical information, developing profiles and models, and scoring by current customer base to make predictions about customer behaviour [and] a whole slew of things that allow actionable insight," said Robb Eklund, PeopleSoft's vice-president of product marketing.

For example, the tool could be used to predict customer turnover at a mobile phone service company.

Designed to work as a turnkey application, the tool will also function with other PeopleSoft applications as well as with third-party tools.

As part of PeopleSoft 8.3 Enterprise Performance Management, the company will feature a business planning and budgeting tool in the suite's Financial Analytics application. The tool will enable users to project, implement and adjust financial strategies and objectives.

The suite's Workforce Analytics application will be fitted with Workforce Planning, for modelling skills and competencies, planning succession, and determining workforce strengths and weaknesses.

PeopleSoft will also add four solution-specific data warehouse tools for CRM, financials, human resources management systems and supply chain management.

Separately, Edify plans to ship its latest Customer Feedback and Analysis application, which automates the process of gathering and analysing customer feedback in real-time through the company's CRM platform. Users can take customer profiles and relate them to specific financial metrics.

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