Tivoli unveils web-centric management tool

Tivoli Software has released Web Component Manager (WCM), a solution that can identify and correct failures in Web-based...

Tivoli Software has released Web Component Manager (WCM), a solution that can identify and correct failures in Web-based applications and devices.

WCM solution comes with a Java Management Extensions-based agent that uses Java Management Beans to manage endpoints, collect data, transmit threshold violations, monitor event logs, and perform corrective actions on specific components. Furthermore, a Web-based management interface lets users configure and schedule performance monitoring tasks and both real-time and historical reporting.

"Like any IT system, elements fail," said Bob Madey, Tivoli's vice president of performance and availability products. "We're solving the same core set of problems in a brand-new computing environment. With WCM, if you have a Web server running on a Unix box, you can measure things that are going on specifically with that Web or application server."

Tivoli's entry comes at a good time, Madey added, because of the overall increase in e-business implementations.

"The need for Web-centric management products is being driven by the rate of deployment," Madey said. "Customers have to know that their systems are up and available and what the response times are."

WCM is positioned as the next component of Tivoli's Web solutions set, which includes the Web Services Manager and other solutions to monitor the availability of resources such as OSes and hardware.

"We now have the complete management solution for the Web," Madey said. "Not only can we manage the user's experience, but we can also measure the components."

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