Siebel announces eBusiness 2001 platform

Customer relationship management (CRM) and e-business applications vendor Siebel Systems will unveil its upcoming Siebel...

Customer relationship management (CRM) and e-business applications vendor Siebel Systems will unveil its upcoming Siebel eBusiness 2001 applications platform this autumn.

The product, to be revealed at Siebel's Worldwide User Week conference in Chicago in early October, will feature enhanced forecasting and integration of various phases of customer interactions.

According to the Siebel Web site, the platform, which also has been referred to as Siebel 2001, will include applications for a multitude of e-business and CRM segments, including sales, call centre and service, interactive selling, partner relationship management, employee relationship management and integration solutions.

The platform will feature enhanced forecasting, strategic analysis and decision-making as part of the Siebel Sales component.

An industry analyst said that Siebel needed to add decision support-related capabilities to boost the eBusiness 2001's capabilities.

"Without the ability to do analytics, [Siebel] is [just] an extensive repository," said Joe Butt, senior analyst at Forrester Research. He added that Siebel rivals, such as PeopleSoft and other ERP software vendors, are sprucing up their offerings with analytics as well.

The Siebel eBusiness 2001 architecture will support an object model, a Web client, personalisation, authentication and access control, as well as high availability, according to the company.

Siebel is also pledging to automate the upgrade process for clients - including clients on Windows, Java, and HTML - with the platform

The company will detail deployment of eBusiness 2001 platform in a number of vertical market sectors: automotive, communications, media, energy, consumer, financial services, life sciences and the public sector.

Database extensibility features are to be included in Siebel eBusiness 2001: the Siebel Extensions Designer, for example. The company plans to satisfy multilingual requirements in the platform across IBM, Microsoft and Oracle database platforms, including IBM mainframe databases. This will allow organisations to deploy one logical database and character set, according to Siebel.

Siebel's Interactive Selling Suite 2001 (ISS 2001), also to be detailed at the show, will focus on providing solution advice, configuration, pricing and order entry across all touch points for seamless customer interactions. Applications in the suite will include eAdvisor, eConfigurator, ePrice, eAuction and eSales.

ISS 2001 can be used for business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions in any industry, according to Siebel.

One session at the conference will cover Siebel Employee Relationship Management, an platform that will provide a collaborative workspace for targeted news, training, performance management and internal and external information.

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