CertCo joins electronic signing fray

CertCo has stepped into the e-signature market with the introduction of CertSigner, a Web-based product which aims to eliminate...

CertCo has stepped into the e-signature market with the introduction of CertSigner, a Web-based product which aims to eliminate the need to deploy public key infrastructure (PKI) technology in digital signing operations.

According to Raphael Carty, the chief marketing officer of CertCo, CertSigner allows users to generate their own digital certificates and credentials on their desktop via a browser. This eliminates the need to install a vendor-specific certificate authority (CA) to conduct business transactions with trusted online or outside parties.

The digital signature product bundles together PKI processes including digital signing, the creation of keys and certificates, signature verification and certificate validation. CertSigner can be integrated into any application server and is also available as an application service provider (ASP) offering.

Ozro, which develops online negotiation solutions for clients focused on the procurement and trade finance sectors, is a CertSigner beta user. The company is responsible for granting access to labour-intensive negotiation information involving logistics, payment terms and letters of credit for shipment and needed a mechanism to assure all parties that the data was being safely stored.

Bill Flanagan, the vice-president of e-commerce technology for Ozro, said CertSigner's ability to generate signed certificates within the browser and deliver that data to the proper server for safekeeping has overcome a prior inability to commit to a specific CA vendor.

"I don't have to sell one company's Web and application server to another. We can move from one vendor to another based on customer requirements," said Flanagan. "This starts to finally deliver on some of the promises that PKI has been promising for a long time."

CertSigner will be available in September, with a cost of $35,000 (£24,600) for the base software and a per user annual price based on volume.

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