BMC to launch network-based application management

Enterprise management software company BMC Software announced it will deliver network-aware application management products -...

Enterprise management software company BMC Software announced it will deliver network-aware application management products - software allowing customers to view the immediate effect an application has on a network.

BMC's PATROL Visualis 1.1 network-aware software acts like a bloodstream monitor for a network, presenting a topological map of the computer system. It shows an application and network resources and how they are connected.

"It discovers what is on a network, sees how it performs, and then feeds it into our PATROL applications," said Andy Burger, vice president and general manager of network management systems at BMC.

Visualis 1.1 is an upgraded version of software acquired with BMC's purchase of French software company Perform SA. The old version of the product only monitored network traffic, but the new version also shows how applications affect the network. "What's really important is how information gets from one part of the system to another, from the servers to the end users through the network," Burger said.

Customers may observe and replay network traffic flows from the server to the workstation and between application components throughout the network.

PATROL Integration for DashBoard takes network-performance information collected through the DashBoard performance-monitoring utility for devices and funnels it to other PATROL applications for data display, service-level management or other functions. If Visualis monitors the flow of data the way a bloodstream monitor may watch blood cells, the DashBoard utility gathers data from the network's organs such as individual servers, workstations and routers.

The software can produce charts and graphs of application performance, as well as displaying it or preparing reports. "It does it in a way that PATROL users are used to seeing the information," Burger said.

Both the PATROL Integration for DashBoard and PATROL Visualis 1.1 will be available within the next 30 days. Pricing for the PATROL Integration for DashBoard will start at $8,000 (£5, 641.54) and pricing for PATROL Visualis 1.1 will start at $40,000.

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