Report reveals trend to more women in IT

The number of female computer analysts and programmers has increased by 30% over the last three years, according to latest government statistics.

The percentage of women in IT followed a trend in other industry sectors, with the number of female business and financial professionals growing by 41,000, or 61%.

The figures were released in the Department for Education and Employment report, Employment Now - 1m More People in Work.

Overall, there are now a total of one million people in the UK employed in jobs based on information and communications technology (ICT). That is four times the number working on farms, and three times more than those employed in vehicle manufacturing.

And of the overall growth in the number of people working in engineering and technology, 92% were computer software engineers.

The overall employment of women has grown by 4.2% compared to 3.5% for men.

The report was mainly published to publicise the effects ofthe Government's flagship New Deal, but it is widely accepted that not many companies have used this scheme to employ computer staff.

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