Bad sectors – Storage gossip from EMC, Dell, NetApp and Fujitsu

A NetApp employee claimed the company had poached all of the VCE alliance’s local staff, but quickly deleted the evidence.

A NetApp Channel Sales Manager  last Monday (July 18th) used his Twitter account to suggest that the company had hired all two of the staff on the local payroll of the VCE alliance.

Sadly we didn’t take a screenshot of the Tweet, because once we started to investigate it was deleted. But the company did confirm it has “… hired one ex-VCE person as a senior, customer-facing rep for financial services clients,” and made a second hire who is “…ex-EMC … “ and will become “ … a Canberra-based SE.”

That may not be the only hit EMC takes. We’ve recently learned that Fujitsu has decided its Eternus DX storage arrays should really be selling more outside Japan. The company has a good proof-point for their efficacy: its own local cloud is built on the boxen. Fujitsu already resells EMC and is technology-agnostic, but it's more competition and that is hardly ever fund.

Another attack on EMC will shortly come from Dell, which posted a job for a corporate comms person dedicated to Compellent a few days ago. The job is no longer online, so perhaps it has been filled?

But EMC can point to one piece – we think – of good news. The company has told SearchStorage ANZ it has sold three of its Data Domain deduplicating archiving appliances in Australia. We’re not sure if that’s a dud result, a pass mark or if some sales rep is now sunning him-or-her-self on an expensive beach somewhere.

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